Above Ground Pool Essential Supplies

Above ground pool supplies are similar to those you'll need for other kinds of pool, though there are some subtle differences in the accessories you may use. Here's a quick guide to the main types of supplies you might think about buying for your pool. Cleaning Supplies The first on the list of above ground pool supplies is a cleaning kit. You'll want to make sure that your pool is clean and healthy to use. You're going to need a skimmer net and a wall brush to clean the surface and the sides of the pool. A pool testing kit will let you know whether you've got the right amount of cleaning chemicals in the pool (such as chlorine), and whether you need to balance the pH levels to keep these chemicals functioning at their optimum levels. On top of this, it's important to keep the filtration system in good working order. Refer to your manufacturer's instructions for exact details on how to do this. In short, you'll need to clean and change your filters regularly with a specialist pool filter cleaner. The pump is responsible for circulating the water through the pool so that it reaches the filters. This is what gets rid of any debris in the water, keeping it clear and healthy. Keep this running for eight to ten hours a day to make sure it's doing its job properly. A Pool Deck This is not one of the most essential above ground pool supplies, but it makes it a lot more inviting and attractive in your backyard. When you install a deck, you can easily access the pool without having to climb a ladder. Choose one that comes in a non-slippery surface material. If you want to save money, then installing a ladder at the very least is a must for safe entry into the pool. Above Ground Pool Covers As with any other kind of pool, you'll want to keep it covered for a number of reasons. A cover can help to keep it warm, clean and protected in the cold winter months. A cover is also an important safety measure if you have young children around. There are a number of ways to cover an above ground pool. For a cover that combines heating and protection, you might opt for a solar blanket. This makes use of thermal bubbles that keep heat in the pool during the night, and let sunlight reach the pool during the day to heat it by as much as an extra 15 degrees. This list of above ground pool supplies is by no means exhaustive, though it's a good starting point for any new pool owner. You can find all of these accessories in pool supply stores, though remember that you may be able to get cheaper deals online and in non-specialist stores (especially when it comes to cleaning products!)


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